The exposition to analyze is called Fuerza: a duo painting exhibition. I had the honor to talk with the two artist who created these beautiful pieces and exhibit them in the Art Gallery. Vivian Torres and Jacqueline Valenzuela are both seniors in the school of arts of Long Beach State University. They both worked for weeks on their paintings and even Ms. Torres explained how she repainted more than 10 time some of her paintings because she didn’t feel they were done. They do not know what they are going to do after college yet, but Ms. Torres would probably work in an art gallery. 

I will like to discuss how Torres and Valenzuela’s paintings have the same theme, but at the same time they are so different. Torres’ paintings were abstract and really focused on the color combination. We don’t see straight lines but mostly shapes, in other words it was sinuous. The artist used acrylic on canvas, and pastel tones of colors like purple, pink, blue and red. Some paintings were bigger than others, but the idea remained. On the other hand, Valenzuela’s paintings had more vivid colors like yellow, green, red, etc. They were jagged and made on a canvas fabric. The paintings were not abstract as the others, and we can appreciate even the human body on it. 

Ms. Torres explained how she wanted to portray females embracing their bodies, so before making the painting, she tangled herself in fabrics in order to start the composition. She commented how she has always been into female issues such as stereotypes, violence, and rape, thereby she got her inspiration from these issues. Moreover, Ms. Valenzuela discussed how she wanted to do more about her culture. Her parents are from Mexico and her painting reflects the presence of this culture in Los Angeles. Valenzuela painted a lot of East L.A, and she wanted it to collide with graffiti. Most of the painting have a female figure in order to demonstrate feminine power over the city. 

To conclude, I would like to say how these paintings touched my heart. Nowadays women have more rights than decades ago, but it does not take away the fact that we suffer a lot in this society. Domestic violence, rape, stereotypes and so many issues we face daily are the reason why we have become stronger. The paintings portray an excellent balance between sensuality, delicacy and power.  

From: Vivian Torres
From: Jacqueline Valenzuela