When looking back on the things I’ve made, people I’ve encountered and experiences
I’ve made, there truly are no words to describe how incredible it’s been and how much
I’ve learned from it. Even though this semester has helped me get closer to the person I
dream of becoming someday, it would be nearly impossible to name every single thing
that I’ve learned this past few months, but, there is one thing this semester has taught
me, and that is, how magical art can be. I’ve been lucky enough to have the chance to
experience things I’ve never thought I would. Seeing so many different artists
showcasing their wonderful work and seeing how passionate and proud they were of
what they’ve created, made me realize how life-changing art can be. I’ve learned why
art has been so loved and such an important part of history. There are so many people
out there and all of them have their own way of seeing art, of feeling art, each one of
those artists had a special relationship with art which helped them create masterpieces.
That is what art is all about and that is why it has changed so many people’s lives,
including mine. Art is a form of expression; it shows the world who we truly are. 

As previous mentioned, art is a way for people to express themselves, but to me, it’s
much more than that. Art is a part of who I am. I am nowhere near as experienced as
others or as familiar as others may be, but these past few months I’ve gotten so much
closer to art. Drawing is something I’m very fond of and luckily I’ve had the chance to
do it more often which has helped me get closer to art and better at understanding it. I’m completely in love with the beauty of nature and when drawing some of the beautiful creations that this earth has to offer I’ve learned not only how much I enjoy drawing and creating but also how I can incorporate this in the future and use it to my advantage.

I’ve always thought of myself as someone who appreciated the beauty of art. Now,
looking back to my thoughts on art at the beginning of semester to now, it is clear to me
that I’ve learned so much more and my way of seeing art has changed because of it. I
find myself paying attention to the little things and always asking myself several
questions when looking at an art piece. I often think of what the artists must’ve been
feeling when creating their art, or if there is a hidden meaning to their piece, I also think of how others must feel when looking at it. I’ve learned to not just admire the beauty of an art piece but also admire the meaning behind it, the time that it took to complete, the thoughts going through the artists’ head while creating it, how the artists poured their heart into it and many other things that didn’t cross my head before this semester. Economics has been the field I’ve wanted to study for as long as I can remember. For years I’ve been reading and researching and doing everything I can to gain more knowledge on my field.

Even though it’s been very beneficial to me, that is not all that’s going to help me in the
future. Being creative, treating people with respect, thinking outside of the box, taking
risks, observing and analyzing, are some of the many things that are crucial for when I
start working in the near future. All of these skills are learned through art. By thinking
outside of the box and doing things that have never been done before I can help my
future business thrive. Creativity gets people’s attention, trying out new things that have never been done before get people’s attention as well. Being extremely observant and making sure to analyze even the smallest things is very helpful when it comes to creating a successful business or helping an already successful business stay on top. The world of business extremely competitive as well as insane, in every way you look at it, which is why it is always incredibly important to take many things into consideration and to use as many skills as possible.

To conclude, art may not be seen as the most important field to be familiar with
when studying business but the knowledge that comes with understanding art can
impact a business for the better. It can give people an advantage that others who do not
care for art may not have.

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