The gallery visited was exhibiting the art of Soim Par. The artist transfer from los Cerritos college to Long Beach State to finish her BFA in ceramics. She’s currently in her fourth semester and plans to graduate in 2020 spring. Ms. Par explained how she always wanted to do art, and the ceramic was a random pick since her teacher get her into it. Something important about the process, is how it took Par a lot of time to make the first ceramic taller since it was hard, and she just learned the strategy.  

I will like to describe the artist’s work from my perception. The ceramics’ shapes are mostly undulating. The artist said she had to use more than 25 pound of clay in order to do the base of the art work. Par also explained that the falling pieces are from grace, but most pieces are from lace. The colors were randomly picked in order to see what matches because the artists didn’t want to dictate what the audience perceived. Nevertheless, most art pieces have a combination between muted pastel and vivid colors like yellow, pink, blue, red, etc.  

Par explained how she wanted to portray herself first, because she felt that it is necessary to understand herself from the beginning to later create art work that captures the audience feelings. So, she expressed what she feels and what she has been through. The main theme that capture the audience’s attention is women empowerment, and it was demonstrated through little details such as flowers or colors. The art work also demonstrates the process made by the artists and how the wanted to go higher and bigger with the ceramics because they were confident enough to keep on going.  

To conclude, it is important to highlight the effort and excellent job made by the artists. Soim Par along her mates were able to grab our attention by designing a unique exposition. I loved the idea of portraying ourselves first, to later know what the audience want since it is how the real world works. I found interesting the way of portraying several themes with little details that led the audience decide what the art work was about.  

Artist: Soim Par
Media: Ceramics, Glass
Gallery: LBSU School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino

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